GED Preparation

Preparing for your GED is an important step to becoming ready to take the tests.  It can also feel pretty daunting, especially depending on how far separated you are from typical schooling.

Those of you who are fresh from high school should find your preparation a much light load to carry as the testing is very similar to what your previous school most likely offered.  It is very straight and to the point and for the most part doesn’t go above and beyond what you are expected to learn at a high school level.  So if you knew former classmates that were taking some type of math course you couldn’t even spell if you tried.  Take a breather and relax because none of that will be on your tests.

GED stands for General Education Development or Diploma.  It will not be testing you on college level courses.

Those of you who are years and years removed from high school, it may be a good idea to grab a book from your local library for free to get brushed up on topics specifically math.  We rely heavily on our phones and computers to do math that it can sometimes slip our minds how to do it on paper.  You’ll need to brush up on those skills and a preparation book can certainly help.

Amazon, I’m sure, will also offer GED prep book as well if that is a more convenient resource for you.

Most states will offer GED classes to help as well.  We provide resources for that, but it’s always good to check with your local high school to see if they are aware of any coming up as they are usually held in a school.

If you’re confused about the previous sentence let me explain further.  States provide GED testing, which is literally you signing up and showing up on the assigned dates and taking the test.  GED Classes are a completely separate thing that teaches and prepares you for the test.

Some states offer these in conjunction with one another so your classes and your testing flow together but others do not and require different sign ups for each step.